Care & Development

Baby Care

We provide a loving, nurturing environment for infants aged 6 weeks to 2 years.
Each of our nurseries has accommodation devoted to babies and all staff working in these sections are trained and experienced in baby care.

Ashfield Nursery – From Birth – 5 years

The Ashfield Nursery & Early learning Centre, encourage the children to become early, active learners. All children are supported in their learning helping them reach their full potential. Practitioners at Ashfield Nursery guide our children’s learning rather than dominating it.  We help them to create their own independence, identify their own preferences and develop confidence in discussing their activities.

Environment and resources allows staff to value and treat all children as individuals. We also recognise parents as children’s first educators. We actively engage with parents, work together, and share information



Ashfield Nursery – Play Rooms

Baby & tots – 6 weeks to 2 years
Within these rooms we provide a wide range of stimulating activities and materials which allow the children to develop. These activities are changed daily. Planned activities of art/craft, singing & story time and outdoor play are also carried out throughout the nursery day

A more thorough list of these activities is displayed in your child’s room. All babies’ routines will be followed as requested by their parents, to ensure that they settle into the nursery routine without any upset.

2-3 years
Activities are provided in the nursery to cover all areas of development although they will always be stimulating and enjoyable for the children and staff.

Small group activities are also carried out on a daily basis. Please see room planning board for more details.

At this stage children are learning to interact with each other which is encouraged greatly through their personal and social skills.

3-5 years (pre-school)
This nursery room gives children the opportunity to use their independence and show their ability through choice and stimulating activities. A wide range of activities and material is available throughout the day although these are also changed and updated on a regular basis

Planning is created through children’s choice.

Within all rooms, nursery staff ensure that all areas are developed while providing a stimulating, caring and loving environment.

Within the nursery all the children are treated as individuals and all their daily needs will be catered for by our loving, caring and dedicated staff team.

Committed to Caring

We are highly committed to child care in a professional and sympathetic manner. As you browse our website you will see that we are constantly investing in the fabric of the nurseries.

We view the development of our staff as being equally important in meeting both our own high standards and the expectations of parents.

Opening Hours

7am – 6pm

All meals included in the fees

Free Nursery Care

We offer 15 hours per week free child care for 3 – 4 year olds

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